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Unlock the Power of Mortgage notes

Learn Proven Strategies to Analyze, Manage,

and Build a Partials Investing Business

Dive Deep into Partial Investing

Our course equips you with the essential knowledge to analyze notes, manage partials, and build a successful partial investing business. Gain access to a wealth of resources, including calculators, contract examples, a presentation PDF, and a class recording, so you can refer back anytime.

Get Personalized Guidance

Included in the course is a 30-minute one-on-one consulting session with Alecia, where you can discuss your specific business questions and get tailored advice to propel your growth

Seize the Opportunity

Don't miss this chance to expand your business and capitalize on the lucrative world of cash-flowing assets. Enroll now and unlock the secrets to building a thriving mortgage note-based enterprise.

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Meet Alecia!

Tech geek turned real estate maven, Alecia has over 10 years of experience, $10M invested in real estate, and $1. 5M in mortgage notes, earning her a reputation as an investing expert.

Her 20-year IT project management background at Fortune 500 companies provides an unbeatable foundation for managing note portfolios with meticulous attention to detail. Alecia has won leadership awards and been featured on numerous podcasts, sharing her expertise.

Her passion led her to develop tools for analyzing note investments and create courses for aspiring investors.

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